Mac OSX Lion

Some key questions for education:

  • What are the benefits of Lion for teachers and students?
  • Are there any drawbacks?
  • Are there Apps that don't work with Lion?
  • What about Volume Licensing of Lion in schools?
  • Is a download from the App Store the only way to get it?
  • How can you use Disk Utility to repair a Mac if there is no disk?
  • What if you bought a Mac just before Lion was released? Are you entitled to an upgrade?
  • What are the features of Lion Server for schools?
  • What are the benefits of Lion Server in a school?
  • How will Lion integrate with the iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch?


Some key questions for education:

  • What are some of the ways AirPlay could be used in the classroom?
  • Could an iPad/AirPlay and a screen challenge an Interactive White Board?
  • What are the implications of using AirPlay for students to be able showing their digital creations to others so easily.
  • Will AirPlay have great advantages for subjects such as music and multimedia?