Discussion Prompts.....

Blue Hat Thinking - Process
• What thinking is needed in a school before purchasing iPads [or other mobile devices]? • How do you win over school administrations?
• How do you win over teachers? • How do you win over parents?


White Hat Thinking - Facts
• What are the costs of the equipment? • What are the costs of the Apps? [Volume licencing etc.]
• How do you charge and synch them? • What curriculum and technical resources are there?
• Can you lease iPads? • What about insurance?

500px-Green_Fedora.svg.pngGreen Hat Thinking - Creativity
• What are some ideas/activities for students using iPads? • How can it be used by teachers?
• How can you use them for assessment and reporting? • How can you use them for students with special needs?


Yellow Hat Thinking - Benefits
• What are the benefits for students?
• What are the benefits for ?
• What are the benefits for schools - especially in student engagement and student performance?

Black Hat Thinking - Cautions
• What are the difficulties and weaknesses of mobile learning? • Isn't it easier to use desktops or notebooks than iPads?
• Will iPads work with the Ultranet? • Won't the iPad2 will be superseded soon?

500px-Red_Fedora.svg.pngRed Hat Thinking - Feelings
• What do you think about education using mobile devices? • How does mobile learning "sit" with how you teach at the moment?
• How to you feel about 21st century learning? Are you embracing it, or is it far too stressful, or is it somewhere in between these two positions?


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